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As the Entertainment Reporter for WTOV9 I let the Ohio Valley, and friends and family across the U.S. that tune in on-line, know what I would do each weekend. And with my on-line only feature, Kidding Around, I let parents know what activities and events might be fun for the whole family.

It feels great to know so many viewers tune in to see me each Thursday as everywhere I go people say, Hi, Deb, or sing my theme song. When I'm not at the station or attending movies, plays or concerts, you will probably hear me as I am the singing or speaking voice of many area commercials that I've created with my husband, Rick, at Studio L, our recording studio in Weirton.

We're proud to be involved in the Sports Friday theme and Summer of Fun theme for WTOV9, too. I've been a dance club deejay, a self-reliance teacher (known as Mrs. Wonderful), a creative producer (writing and producing advertising spots), but most notably these days I am a Weight Watcher Leader in Steubenville, Wheeling and Robinson Township.

I am passionate about making a difference " whether its promoting local events OR a healthy lifestyle. Just like NEWS9, I am everywhere, so thanks for watching and enjoying What I Do!