7.6.17 Sports Challenge- Fadeaway Fitness Hoops with Jeremy Hays


For this week's sports challenge Ryan teamed up with an old friend to see if he could keep up with his Ohio Valley based basketball skill and development program.

Anyone who follows hoops in the valley will recall former John Marshall Monarch standout Jeremy Hays. They used to be teammates, but now Jeremy is calling the

shots, would Ryan have what it takes or would he wilt under the pressure?

Jeremy Hays is a former John Marshall basketball star who played college basketball at Juniata College. He is the owner and founder of Fadeaway Fitness, a

basketball skill and development program which is based out of Our Lady of Peace school in Wheeling, WV. Jeremy specializes in the necessary skills that help

individuals prepare for success at any level of basketball. He runs individual and group workouts to go along with camps and clinics. Jeremy is also a personal

performance trainer that focuses on speed and agility to go along with balance and control through things like plyometrics, explosion, and strength training. He is

one of the directors of skill development for a Nike sponsored AAU program out of Pittsburgh, PA called College Prospects of America. Jeremy can be reached at the

website or email at to go along with twitter and instagram @Fadeawayfit or @Hays31

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