Shining Stars: Harrison County’s Military Support Group

Members of the Harrison County Military Support Group meet monthly to provide care packages for military men and women from the county who are overseas (WTOV).

The founders of the Harrison County Military Support Group say it first formed over coffee and tears in 2003 when Terry Stewart and Carla Thomas' sons were serving in Iraq.

They've since returned home, but the military support group is still carrying out its mission.

The group is making boxes that will deliver an Easter greeting from home to men and women serving oversees.

The group met in the basement of the Cadiz Fire House on Tuesday night. During the years, they've gotten the assembly line down to a science.

Stewart says the work is worth the reaction.

“I can see it, because I felt it. I've been there,” he said.

Stewart, a Vietnam-era veteran, received a care package from his parents in the late 1960s.

“I was stationed in Germany, my parents sent me a box,” he said. “When I opened it up, it was a box of chocolate chip cookies. There was only three cookies, but I ate all the crumbs too. You eat everything.”

Karen York got involved when her two sons were serving in Iraq.

“Sometimes we get letters and ‘thank yous’ back and it's nice to know it’s appreciated,” she said. “It's not just wasted time and effort. They appreciate that we're doing this for them, and it makes you feel good to know that it matters.”

Doris Crawford started helping out when her son-in-law was deployed in 2003.

The group is all about giving. But they're also getting something in return each time they gather.

“Oh it was a big help,” Crawford said. “It just was a comfort to know that we had similar concerns, similar worries. It was very rewarding and comforting.”

The group sells t-shirts and hats to raise money for their efforts. Care packages also go out at Christmas, Thanksgiving and for the 4th of July.

Over the years, the need for their good deed has gone down. And that’s a good thing, says Stewart.

“As they came home, less boxes. Ten boxes doesn't sound like a lot, but if we get down to no boxes, that'd be real good,” Stewart said.

“As long as there are still people serving and we have their names and addresses, we'll continue to do that. Remember them,” Crawford added.

For more information on how get involved, or where to send donations, click here.

Checks can be made out to “Harrison County Military Support Group”

Mailing Address:

Harrison County Military Support Group

23 ½ N. Main Street

Cadiz, OH 43907

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