Shining Star: Dolores Spragg


Her door is always open.

And sometimes, so are the students’ mouths as tooth aches are part of the territory when you're an elementary school nurse.

Dolores Spragg, an 85-year-old school nurse at Buckeye West Elementary, describes herself as many students’ third grandmother.

A typical day for Spragg includes paperwork and playground aftermath.

“If it's a good recess day, I may be seeing 21 students at recess time with bumps bruises, skinned knee and sprained ankles,” she said.

“She has magical powers,” second grader Codey James Sellers said.

And those magical powers aren't just making an impact on the little ones.

“We come to her for our needs,” second grade teacher Sharon Rine said. “There is a lot of times when we'll say, ‘Mrs. Spragg, what do you think about this?’”

On top of caring, she helps to council the kids and spearheads a number of fundraisers throughout the school year for diabetes and ‘Pennies for Leukemia.’

“My husband died of leukemia, and I had some friends that their children have the same disease. It's been one of my passion projects,” she said.

Outside of school, Spragg's spent nearly 6 decades working with 4-H programs in Harrison County.

She is also involved, and gets support from, the First Presbyterian Church in Mount Pleasant.

“She gets a lot of donations, like supplies, if they can’t bring it to school, or clothes, or extra shoes,” Kindergarten teacher Jessica Brown said. “She's a good mother hen to a lot of them.”

The students at the school have her heart.

“Go home and listen to grandma,” she says as it’s time to get on the bus.

This week's Shining Star is a standout nurse showing no signs of slowing down.

“She truly runs circles around a lot of us,” Rine said. “I think this keeps her going.”

“As long as the Lord needs me, I'm here,” Spragg said.

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